Shane Richie Jr. reveals how it felt to watch his mum cry.

Loose Women presenter, Coleen Nolan may have been all smiles when she entered the Celebrity Big Brother house on Tuesday (3rd January) but things haven’t been easy for the star recently.

After admitting her relationship with guitarist, Ray Fensome is on the rocks, The Nolans singer then broke in an emotional episode of In Therapy on Wednesday evening (4th January) as she spoke about her ‘failing’ marriage.

And now her eldest son from her first marriage, Shane Riche Jr. has opened up to the Loose Women panellists, explaining how he felt watching his mum cry on TV.


‘I’ve never felt good enough’: CBB’s Coleen Nolan BREAKS DOWN over ‘failing’ marriage

In a video call from his car, Shane Jr. revealed: ‘It’s never nice seeing a parent cry – she’s my mum – it was heartbreaking. I’ve seen her cry no more than 5 times.

‘Once on Big Brother last time, once when she hurt her back – it’s just not nice.

‘I think she personally hates crying in front of us, in front of the kids.’


The emotional chat then turned to Coleen’s relationship with Ray, which has been the centre of A LOT of speculation, and when the 28-year-old was asked whether he thinks his mum and step-dad’s marriage will last, he replied: ‘At the minute it doesn’t look great. I hope so, I really do as he’s been there since I was 12 so I hope so.’

Coleen Nolan had her eldest son, Shane Richie Jr. with previous husband, Shane Richie.

But the couple’s break-down hasn’t been easy on Shane, who also declared he was changing his name to Shane Nolan in support of his mum, as he admitted it’s been a tense few months.

‘I’ve recently moved back in but as soon as they argue I go straight to my girlfriends house – it’s not nice,’ the star’s son said.

‘I think Ray could benefit from therapy like my mum had last night. I’m not his spokesperson, he’s my friend, he’s my stepdad, I love him to bits but it could help them.’

And the panel couldn’t help but asking Shane about his mum’s decision to enter the Big Brother house at such a rocky point in her marriage and it turns out, the family were a little taken aback.

‘When she told us we were like: “Really again? You’re going to put us through it again, as well as yourself!” Ray is glued to the telly, as we all are,’ he said.

But despite the initial shock, Shane is fully on board with her CBB appearance and thinks that the reality show could actually be great for his mum’s relationship, finally adding: ‘I think it’ll do my mum and Ray the world of good. Absence makes the heart grow fonder so let’s hope that’s the case for them.’

Let’s hope so!