But veteran actor says he's proud of her work


Ray Winstone says he’s not bothered by his daughter Jaime‘s saucy movie scenes.

But Jaime still isn’t happy to let dad Ray watch films such as Donkey Punch, which features violent sex and an orgy.

Jaime is trying to keep me away from it,’ he tells The Sun. ‘But it comes with the job we’re in.

‘She’s 23. She’s not a kid any more. It’s her work and of course I want to take an interest in what she does.

‘My daughter has had to grow up watching me and I’ve done some right dodgy ones in my time. I’ve been beating up women, doing drugs, having sex and even playing a paedophile.’

Meanwhile, Ray, 51, is considering moving abroad because he doesn’t feel safe in the UK.

‘It breaks my heart to think about leaving this country but I hate what’s been done to it,’ he tells the Daily Mirror.

‘Kids on the street in gangs with knives, all this lawless behaviour and what are we doing? Nothing.’

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