Brave Katie Piper thanked Victoria Beckham for 'bringing light into her life' at a charity event - and made the former Spice Girl cry in the process

She’s famous for rarely cracking a smile, but Victoria Beckham‘s steely pout was broken down by Katie Piper as the campaigner made an emotional speech – leaving the former Spice Girl in tears.

Posh was moved by Katie’s moving words as she spoke at the Global Gift Gala on Monday night.

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Singer-turned-fashion-designer Victoria watched on as brave Katie shared the story of how she was attacked with acid – and thanked Victoria for ‘bringing light into her life’ with one of her dresses after she came out of hospital.

‘I won a bravery award and Victoria gave me a dress,’ she told the crowd. ‘I went from an NHS gown to one of Victoria’s gowns.’

She added: ‘For those of you who don’t know my story, seven years ago I was just a young, 20-something confident girl living in London.

‘I was single and started dating a guy and went on a handful of dates and decided that guy wasn’t the right person for me.

‘When I decided I didn’t want to take things further with him, he forced me, he raped me and he decided that nobody would ever want me ever again by arranging for somebody to throw sulphuric acid into my face.

‘For me, I’ve been on such a long journey and I’ve discovered that a negative mind will never, ever give you a positive life.’

Powerful stuff, huh? We can’t say we blame Vic for shedding a tear!

As the crowd cheered and Victoria clapped, Katie went on to reveal the reason behind the tubes she’s currently sporting in her nose – and even make a joke about her recent surgeries.

‘You’ll see tonight I’ve got some very interesting couture tubes in my nose to go with my dress,’ she said.

‘My treatment is ongoing and I had surgery on Monday. I had some skin grafted from my right bum cheek, so I have a major Kim Kardashian bum cheek on one side with loads of bandaging under my dress, and flat a**** on the other side.’

Victoria jumped up to give her a big hug following her speech, saying it was ‘amazing’.

Katie – who wore a stunning black lace gown for the event – later shared a snap on Instagram showing her sandwiched between Victoria and Mrs Beckham’s BFF, Eva Longoria. What a celebrity sandwich!

Katie also used the occasion to praise her new husband Richard Sutton, saying: ‘You’ve made me realise it’s okay to be me and be comfortable in the skin that I’m in.’

Later on Instagram, she added: ‘You came into my life, unexpected and all you have done since is enhanced it to levels I don’t know possible #MrsSutton.’

Hand us a hankie, won’t you?