Geordie Shore star Gaz Beadle hit back at a joke he wasn't happy with

Following last week’s fallout between Ferne McCann and Danielle Armstrong over a silly joke about Gary ‘Gaz’ Beadle‘s ‘parsnip’, the Geordie Shore star has spoken about the incident.

He explained that he isn’t very friendly with the stars and suggested one fo them has a big ego.

‘I’ve spoken to Ferne a few times but I can’t really be a*sed when I see her,’ he told the Mirror newspaper. ‘She’s got too big for her boots at the minute. She came on TOWIE late and I think she thinks she’s bigger than everyone else.’


it all kicked off when Ferne made a seemingly innocent remark during the Gav Aid showbiz quiz last week. Ferne asked the audience what Charlotte Crosby‘s nickname for Gaz‘s penis was (parsnip…duh) and joked Danielle would know what his member looked like.

Gaz certainly wasn’t pulling any punches during the interview, elaborating on Danielle, he said: ‘I’ve never even spoke to Danielle so I don’t know where it all came from.’

When contacted by the newspaper, Ferne responded: ‘How nice Gaz is devoting so much of his, ahem, brain-space analysing me.’

Ahem, he was asked about it in an interview..

When questioned on whether he would consider dating an Essex girl, he said: ‘There’s a few of them I speak to and stuff. I speak to Jasmin quite a bit and I’ll speak to Jess when I see her out and Lauren, but I’ve never really had a thing with anyone.’

Gaz will appear with The Dreamboys this year in a similar career move to Dan Osborne from rival reality show TOWIE.

He’s used to walking around in his pants on the reality show but it’s the large audiences of screaming hen parties which he is most nervous about stripping down for.

‘This will be the most humiliating thing in my life! I don’t mind when it’s in front of a few people, but when there’s a thousand people there and you’re part of a show,’ he continued. ‘This is my worst nightmare, but it’ll be fun.’

We can’t wait!

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