The Made In Chelsea fella is still gorgeous in our eyes though…

We always loved his bleach blond hair but it seems as though Made In Chelsea star Jamie Laing has a little secret regarding his trademark tresses.

In a throwback pic, posted by Jamie‘s co-star Andy Jordan, 25-year-old Jamie is flaunting ginger hair!

Yup, the photo, which shows Andy and Jamie as fun-loving teens, proves that Jamie hasn’t always been a blonde bombshell.

Andy, 24, uploaded the hilarious photo with the caption: ‘Yup this is actually me and @jamielaing_ aged 17…. Long may it continue bro!

We just can’t believe Jamie was misleading us all this time! Or, is Jamie a secret lover of the hair dye? Yikes!

MIC star Spencer Matthews, 25, also uploaded the funny photo with the words:
A young @andyjordanpics and Ed Sheeran… Oh no wait, it’s @jamielaing_ again… #Amazing.

Ha! Well, if we’re honest, it’s not the worst thing being compared to Ed Sheeran. He is a bit of a ginger beauty, after all!

The retro pic upload followed on from Jamie‘s nostalgic Instagram snap of a tubby Spencer Matthews. The shot was clearly taken before Mr Matthews upped his workout regime and revealed his fit and flawless physique.

Ahh, those Chelsea boys are good with the banter aren’t they!?

Despite the ginger-hair revelation, Mr Laing is still a total hotty. In fact, there are several sexy ginger celebrities. Young Royal,Prince Harry is one such person who possesses a rather gorgeous head of red hair. Oh, and how could we forget stud Benedict Cumberbatch? Although his hair might verge towards a lighter shade of brown, we reckon Benedict still slips into the ginger-man category.

As for feisty females who sport a ginger mane, there’s singer Nicola Roberts, actress Isla Fisher and busty Mad Men star, Christina Hendricks.

Yup, ginger locks are seriously cool.

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