Another day, another jaw-dropping instalment in the ongoing saga between Strictly Come Dancing star Seann Walsh and his ex-girlfriend Rebecca Humphries.

After locking lips with his pro dance partner and issuing a public apology over the cheating scandal, fans of the BBC dance off are watching the pair’s every move.

And while Seann’s former girlfriend Rebecca has been at pains to point out that she has moved on from her love rat ex – even issuing a statement via Twitter outlining that she is ‘not a victim’ – it appears she couldn’t resist one last dig.


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The actress liked a retweet by Guardian TV blogger Heidi Stephens in which she called for Katya to ‘stay classy’.

The initial tweet from Katya joked that fans are keeping their fingers crossed for Seann to go on tour because he has ‘sooo much material’ – which some felt referred to the pair’s infamous smooch.

But Twitter users struggled to see the funny side.

One commented: ‘What a horrible tweet! Finding it amusing that he will be able to joke about what you both got up to. Posting it publicly for your husband, and his ex to see. Clear to see you have zero regrets, and don’t care about them! Wow!’

While another added: ‘And you made yourself a laughing stock and are now running it in your husband’s face how funny you think the situation was! Poor Neil’

Others, however, were quick to point out that she wasn’t making light of the much publicised moment between the pair.

One wrote: ‘To the ppl assuming that she was referring to the snog….she clearly wasn’t. She was referring to the whole strictly experience…..get over yourselves and ffs let it go…no one cares what they do in their private lives, it’s their business.’

Another added: ‘Pretty sure all you terribly offended people who live perfect lives have taken the tweet totally the wrong way but hey never mind right because it means you can carry on your holier than thou tirade. Good luck to you both for the future, you did great! x’

Something tells us we haven’t heard the last of this!