Becks' former PA says she likes confident men


Rebecca Loos has revealed that David Beckham is pretty hot stuff between the sheets.

The reality star claims she had an affair with Becks, 33, in 2004 while she was his PA.  

And she reckons all the alleged sneaking about was worth it.

‘Yeah, he was good,’ she tells Zoo. ‘He looks like he’d be good. You can usually tell. [I’d rate him] eight, eight and a half. And very confident. It’s nice when a man is confident in the bedroom.’

Rebecca, 31, also takes a veiled swipe at  Victoria Beckham, 34, when asked who she thinks is the ‘least fanciable female celeb’.

‘We both know what I’m thinking!’ she quips. ‘But I’ll just stir it up — I’ll just say anyone who’s skeleton thin and plastic looking.’