Beaches is an 80s classic; and THIS is what the cast of the film look like now!


If you are one of those people that claims they didn’t cry at the 1988 classic, Beaches, we know you’re lying.

Beaches is a film centered around the power of friendship. CC Bloom, played by Bette Midler, and Hilary Whitney, played by Barbara Hershey, prove that if you’re the best of friends, you can stick by each other through anything. Aww!

But even though it’s one of our favourite movies (ever!) we had a hard time picturing what the cast look like almost 30 years later – until now!

We were sad to see that Bette Midler grew out of the frizzy, red, mind-of-its-own hair, as she is now fashioning a classy, blonde short-cut – but at the age of 69 she really does look amazing!

Barbara Hershey is still a brilliant brunette. She still looks classy. She still looks fresh. She really doesn’t look much different at all considering she’s now 67.

If you don’t remember Beaches well enough, you may recognise John Heard from the 90s Christmas cracker, Home Alone when he played Kevin’s father. In Beaches, he plays John Pierce, and asides from the general ‘getting older and fatter’ thing, we can still see his younger face in him now.

Spalding Gray played Dr. Richard Milstein in the teary film, but he didn’t really look young even then! He passed away in 2004 at the age of 62 when he committed suicide following a life-long battle with depression; which makes this film even more heart-breaking to watch now.

However, the one we all really want to see 30 years on is Mayim Bialik, who played the quirky 11 year-old CC Bloom. We all remember her for being the girl who was identical to Bette Midler. She looked EXACTLY like her, even down to the crazy red hair! She certainly doesn’t look like her anymore – she’s blossomed into a beautiful 39 year-old.

But you might recognise Mayim as a hilarious, caridgan-wearing science nerd – oh no wait, that’s just her character Amy Farrah-Fowler in The Big Bang Theory! Which happens to be the most watched comedy series on TV right now. How times change eh?

Alice Murray