The Parent Trap is a Sunday afternoon favourite – see what Lindsay Lohan and co. are doing now

The Parent Trap made us all wish we had a twin like Hallie and Annie so we had someone to plot extragavant plans with and swap placecs with to travel to the other side of the world. The 1998 family film classic had our fingers crossed that their divorced parents would be together once again, and caused girls all over the world to copy the secret handshake (minus the butler), and have one attempt to many at trying to pierce a friend’s ear with nothing more than an apple, a needle and an ice cube. Ouch.

But fast forward 17 years, what are the cast doing now?

Lindsay Lohan as Hallie and Annie James
Way before the days of Mean Girls in 2004, LiLo was double trouble playing both the twins in the movie, and she’s probably now the best known member of the cast – for reasons both bad and good. 
After appearing as sweet and scheming duo Hallie/Annie in this Disney classic, she went on the typical Disney route with family friendly films and comedies, including Freaky Friday and Herbie: Fully Loaded, before appearing in the film that would create a whole new dictionary worth of fetch catchphrases.
After appearing as Cady in 2004, her life sadly took the turn of many-a childhood celebrity. In 2006, she attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and rehab, before being arrested the next year for driving under the influence. Later in July of 2007, just two weeks after she was out of rehab, she was arrested yet again for drink driving, as well as the possession of cocaine, which she even lost a movie role because of. ‘It is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs.’
She was put on probation, and after getting her life back on track a bit, she starred in some independent films and some cameors here and there, as well as an eight-part documentary of her life. And after being on probation for seven years, she made her stage debut in 2014 on the London West End in play, Speed-The-Plow.

Dennis Quaid as Nick Parker
Dennis played dashing Dad Nick Parker who had THE best house ever, complete with wine vineyard and horses to gallop on. He was already known for a plethora of films that he appeared in in the 80s, and after he appearance in Parent Trap, he went on to appear in more films than we can count. These included the critically acclaimed Far From Heaven in 2002, Day After Tomorrow with Jake Gyllenhaal in 2004 and a remake of the musical classic Footloose in 2011.
Being a dad in real life too, he has three children from the three times he’s been married. After divorcing actress P.J Soles in 1983, he met future wife Meg Ryan on the set of Innerspace, who he married in 1991 and ultimately got divorced from in 2001. The couple had a son, Jack Henry, together, who is the oldest of the children, which includes twins Thomas and Zoe, who Dennis has in 2007 with wife and real-estate agent Kimberly Buffington. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be as the pair separated in 2012. Sigh – looks like Dennis isn’t as lucky in love as his on-screen self!

Natasha Richardson as Elizabeth James
Who didn’t wish Natasha was their mum while watching the film? She was beautiful, designed wedding dresses, and got ready with a cigerette in her mouth and rollers in her hair and still managed to look fabulous while doing so!
Playing mum Elizabeth, Natasha was already an established stage actress before the film, beginning her career in a regional theatre up north in Leeds.
She made her debut on the big screen in 1986 in Gothic, and after The Parent Trap, she continued to work her way through film, TV and theatre roles, including Maid in Manhattan in 2002 with Jenny from the Block, Jennifer Lopez herself.
After separating from first husband Robert Fox in 1992, she was married to Taken actor Liam Neeson in 1994 and the couple had two sons, Micheal and Daniel together.
Devastatingly though, Natasha suffered a head injury after a fall from a beginner’s skiing lesson in Canada, which led to her death in 2009. The theatre lights in New York’s Broadway and London’s West End were dimmed as a mark of respect for Natasha.

Elaine Hendrix as Meredith Blake
We may have seen her as the baddie while watching the film as a kid, but you’ve got to admit, Dennis’ fiancé in the movie, Meredith was the most stylish women our little 8-year-old eyes ever did lay eyes on. The woman knows how to rock a big floppy hat and some red lips!
Elaine hasn’t appeared in many other films since The Parent Trap, but has made cameos in a lot of TV movies, short films and TV series since, including Friends, CSI, Charmed, ER and 90210.

Maggie Wheeler as Marva Kulp Jr.
Does camp counsellor Marva look familiar? Well, she should do, because – OH. MY. GOD. – she’s only bloomin’ Janice from Friends!
Ever since her days of teaching camp kids how to fence in the film, Maggie’s appeared in ALL the best TV shows. As well as being Chandler’s on-off love interest in Friends, she’s also starred in Will and Grace, CSI (CSI is a popular ol’ boy!) and How I Met Your Mother.

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Amy Lo