It's been 25 years since the romcom - we can't believe what Mary is doing now!

Remember Three Men And A Little Lady, the super-cute sequel to 1987 hit Three Men And A Baby?

It’s been a whopping 25 years since bachelors-turned-doting-dads Peter, Michael and Jack returned with their beloved ‘little lady’ Mary in their swanky New York apartment (how was there enough room for them all?).

Okay, it was kind of corny, but we can’t resist a bit of 1990s nostalgia! We couldn’t help but wonder what’s happened to the cast since cheesy 1980s tune Waiting For A Star To Fall played out over those closing credits – and what does Mary look like now that she’s not such a little lady?!

Read on to find out…

Tom Selleck Peter

Moustached man Tom Selleck was a bit of a heartthrob back in the day, having played private investigator Magnum in the popular 1980s series. His Three Men And A Little Lady character Peter was equally popular with the opposite sex and (spoiler alert!) ended up marrying Mary‘s mother Sylvia.

Since then 70-year-old Tom has rarely been out of work. He’s starred in numerous TV movies as Jesse Stone but is perhaps best known to many of us Monica‘s older boyfriend Richard in Friends. In real life Tom has been married twice and has two children.

Steve GuttenbergMichael

Smiley Steve Guttenberg, 56, was the baby of the male trio. Before playing cameraman Michael in the Three Men flicks, Steve had already found fame in the Police Academy films. Over the years he’s dabbled in acting, directing, writing and producing.

He starred in cult TV series Veronica Mars in the 2000s but his other roles have been more low-key. Steve also had a shot at reality TV in 2008 when he participated in Dancing With The Stars and came in 10th place.

The actor was briefly married to model Denise Bixler in the late 1980s but they divorced in 1992.

Ted Danson Jack

Like his castmates, Ted Danson had already found fame in the 1980s. The 67-year-old played Sam Malone in the long-running TV series Cheers until 1993, and has gone on to star in popular comedies such as Becker and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Ted is now a regular in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and has been married to actress Mary Steenburgen since 1995. He’s previously got hitched twice before and went through a costly divorce from second wife Cassandra Coates in the 1990s following his affair with Whoopi Goldberg.

Robin WeismanMary

We couldn’t wait to find out what happened to little Mary, played so adorably by Robin Weisman. As well as starring in Three Men And A Little Lady, Robin appeared in Hulk Hogan‘s 1994 series Thunder In Paradise (nope, us neither) and a TV movie called Keys.

Robin‘s now 30 and hasn’t acted for 21 years. The former child star got a degree in marketing and currently works as a director of web analytics for a Florida-based firm. Blimey!

She married John Kabot, reportedly her childhood sweetheart, in 2008 but they divorced three years later. We still can’t believe that Mary is all grown-up…

Nancy TravisSylvia

Nancy Travis played Mary‘s mum Sylvia, who moved in with the fellas at the end of the first movie so that they could all raise the baby together (aw!). Even though playboy Jack was Mary‘s father, Sylvia started falling for Peter in the sequel and ended up marrying him (double aw!).

American actress Nancy, 53, remains best known for the Three Men films but has recently popped up in hit shows such as How I Met Your Mother and Grey’s Anatomy. Fun fact – she also reunited with Ted Danson in the early 2000s on his TV show Becker. Nancy is married to producer Robert N. Fried and they have two sons.

For several years there’s been talk of the cast reuniting for a third movie called Three Men And A Bride but there’s currently no further news on the project, which is listed as ‘in development’ on IMDB. PLEASE make this happen soon!

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