As it's announced Australia are taking part in Eurovision this year, we take a look at some of the best bits from the music competition - like Katie Price!

Yes, it’s true, Australia will be joining
Eurovision in Vienna, Austria this year!

The country will be a wild-card entry for
this year’s show, and while we don’t yet know who will be taking part, we have
our heart set on Kylie Minogue or Sia, but really we can’t wait to see what
they have in store!

Following on from the fab bearded lady
Conchita Wurst winning last year, we take a look at some of the most amazing,
funny and bonkers moments from the singing cheese-fest.

Katie Price – Not Just Anybody

Ok, it didn’t actually MAKE it to
Eurovision, but it came dangerously close. Katie Price‘s performance of Not Just
Anybody in a fitted pink rubber bodysuit and bright blonde hair, while
pregnant with son Harvey, was so disastrous, even Katie noted it as the only thing she’s done
in her life she has ever regretted. Amazing.

Dustin the turkey

In 2008, Ireland attempted to send a puppet
to the show. However, the song – Irelande Douze Pointe – failed to make it past
the semi-final. What a surprise!

Abba’s Waterloo

Ever heard of a pop song about Napoleon’s
Battle of Waterloo that was so catchy it became a number 1 smash around the
world? When Waterloo by Abba won Eurovision in 1974, it began the career of the
Swedish band and became one of the biggest selling singles of all time – 6
million copies have been sold to date.

The dancing grannies

For the UK, 2012 was filled with Olympic
fun and royal celebrations. Over in Russia, however, they were clearly
celebrating the year of the grandma, as the biggest country in the world sent
the Buranovo Grannies to Eurovision. Their performance featured them baking bread and
some younger women disguised as the oldies. They came 2nd behind


In 2014, the world came to know and love a
bearded drag queen from Austria called Conchita Wurst. Her tale of triumph
against adversity and not caring what people think or said struck a chord, and
her song Rise Like a Phoenix went on to win the show. GO CONCHITA!

Heavy metal triumph

It’s not traditionally big with Eurovision
voters, but in 2006, Finnish heavy metal band Lordi won over voters with their
song Hard Rock Hallelujah. It is the only time Finland have taken home the


Not content with having terrorised the UK
when on The X Factor, the identical twins took part in Eurovision, representing
in 2011 and 2012. Their first entry Lipstick was the biggest success,
placing them in eighth.

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Stephen Leng