The exercise routine behind Cheryl Cole's sexy toned-up figure

Cheryl Cole‘s vowed to slim down to prepare for her new life in LA – and now we can reveal the details of the secret workout plan that’s left herlooking leaner and fitter than ever before.

The stunning singer’s turned to Derek Hough to help put together a quick exercise routine that she can do whenever she gets a spare second.

Cheryl’s picked up some amazing workout secrets from Derek,’ a source tells Now.

He’s got arguably the best abs she’s ever seen and she asked him how to get them.’

Totally toned after spending hours competing on hit US show Dancing With The Stars, Derek devised the isometric muscle-building routine especially for Cheryl, 27, who’s being careful not to push herself too hard at the gym after her bout of malaria last year.

She does the exercises Derek gave her for just 10 minutes a day as it’s the most efficient way of working your muscles,’ says the source.

They’re simple and you can do them anywhere – so she’d do them in her X Factor dressing room when she had a spare few minutes or at home watching television.’

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