Could Lewis Hamilton top the F1 podium today thanks to this odd race preparation

Lewis Hamilton could top the Formula 1 podium today – and it could all be down to his secret baby ritual ahead of races.

Lewis makes it a must to rub F1 presenter Natalie Pinkham‘s bump and credits the ritual for the winning streak which helped him pull ahead of Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg this season.

So could the bump rub be responsible for helping him lift the trophy at the Grand Prix finale in Abu Dhabi?

Natalie revealed: ‘Lewis has this thing where he rubs my bump before every race and calls it his Lucky Buddha. When I told him I was off on maternity leave he was like, “No, you can’t go. I’ve still got three more races.”

The Sky presenter, who is due in January, added that Lewis, 29 – dating American singer Nicole Scherzinger, 36 – is getting broody.

‘I’m always winding him up asking when he’s going to propose, telling him to get on with it,’ she said.
‘He’s a Christian guy and she’s a Christian. I can’t imagine they won’t get married and have a family of their own. I think he wants to.

‘He has been getting really interested in my pregnancy. He is always asking me things like: “Is it beautiful having a baby?”‘

Lewis isn’t shy about posting adorable snaps of him and Nicole hanging out with his super cute nipper relatives including his nephew Kaiden and her nieces – and we have to say it really suits them!

‘Now hanging out with my nephew Kaiden Lewis & my lady @nicolescherzy …. #goodtimes,’ the racing driver said back in August.

A few weeks ago he posted quite a few super cute snaps of him having dinner with Nic’s nieces with the caption ‘#nieces #family #blessed #Knoxville’ and it looked like hanging out with children was totally second nature to him.

Natalie adds: ‘I guess marriage would be the next step. He’s got these amazing diamond earrings so, if he does propose, it will be one belter of a ring.’

We can’t wait! Bring on the babies and the wedding! These two will make one cute bubba.

Sofia Zagzoule