Audit notes are on file with Scientology followers' private confessions

Tom Cruise has a ring binder full of personal information on estranged wife Katie Holmes – and he and his Scientologist pals could use it against her!

All members are probed about their secrets in ‘auditing sessions’ when they join the cult. The info is logged in a binder and then locked away.

But ex-Scientologists claim the files can be accessed by leaders – and if leaked, they could be damaging.

Now friends fear this could happen to Katie, 33.

My Name Is Earl star Jason Lee’s ex-wife Carmen Llywelyn, who walked away from the organisation a decade ago, says: ‘If you have a secret, don’t expect to keep it.

‘They’re keeping it in a file. Something isn’t right with that. It feels like intelligence gathering.’

Former members have revealed that auditing sessions involve followers being asked about sexual encounters, drug and alcohol use, hatred towards others, past arguments and attitudes towards racism, violence and illegal behaviour.

Cult leaders insist all audit notes are ‘sacrosanct’, but a source adds: ‘By the time you’ve had years
of these sessions, your dossier will be expansive.

‘It essentially lays out your faults and issues.

‘If made public, that information could be damaging.’

Read more about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ break-up in Now magazine dated 6 August 2012 – out now!



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