He writes Stonefinger about split with Factory Girl actress


Rhys Ifans has written a ballad with his band The Peth about his break-up with Sienna Miller.

The actress dumped him over the phone in May – and now he’s penned Stonefinger as a tribute to her.

The lyrics include:

‘Every little thing you said would break me/All of it came true/Every bit of love I give/You mock it/Yes you do.

‘Take me down to almost nothing/Bring me down with you/Every little thing I do you hate it/Oh yes you do.’

And in the closing lines Rhys, 39, appears to admit he still has strong feelings for 26-year-old Sienna.

‘Every other day I think about you/Yes I do/Every other dream I dream you wake me/You know you do,’ The Sun reports.

The track is expected to appear on The Peth’s debut album Golden Mile, which is out in September.