Geordie Shore star Ricci Guarnaccio exclusively talks to Now about his Celebrity Big Brother relationship with Lauren Goodger

The nation was hooked as we watched Geordie Shore star Ricci Guarnaccio‘s relationship with Lauren Goodger blossom in the Celebrity Big Brother House. But Ricci’s been to hell and back with the roller coaster romance.

Although Lauren declared 
in the house: ‘We’ll never 
be more than friends,’ Ricci, 
28, insists they were a couple, planning a joint birthday party and even a romantic getaway to Paris together.

But his dreams were crushed when Lauren, 28, ended it because she’s still hung up on her ‘gangster’ ex.

Here, Ricci sets the record straight on what really happened between them.

Ricci, from your exit interview we thought you’d just be friends…

I said to Lauren I’d treat her like 
a princess. I thought she was gorgeous from the minute 
I saw her in the house.

Is she the person you’ve been most serious about since your ex 
Vicky Pattison?

She’s the only person I’ve been serious about since Vicky. I met her brother Tony and her mum when I came out of the house.

Even when I asked her out I made it very clear because her brother was there. But she used her excuse of being drunk again and the next day said I’ve got to take her with a pinch of salt.

I thought she’d remember me asking her out, though. That’s a big thing to forget.

So what happened when you left 
the house?

We did CBB’s 
Bit On The Side and I met her mum. I said to everyone: ‘Let’s go out and have a drink.’

Jay [Gardner, from Geordie Shore] was there, her brother was there and we all got a load of drink and went to my room. We had a laugh. Then the others left but Lauren and her brother stayed. We talked a lot.

What did you talk about?

We just had banter, pulling daft faces. It was cute. We were always the last ones up in the house too. I did say to her: ‘Let’s go to Paris to get away from everyone.’

We were just ourselves – that’s what was good. I woke up as happy as Larry.

Did you and Lauren see each other again after that?

Yes. She turned up to my PA in Essex with David [McIntosh] 
and Steph [Pratt]. They all came back to my room then as well 
and crashed out. We kissed and cuddled and just chilled out.

Was she a good kisser?

A hundred per cent. Definitely. 
I mean, we clicked. We got on. 
It was just daft. We had a laugh. Everything was good in my eyes.

But there was no, er, rough 
and tumble?

[Laughs] No. I’ve got respect for her. It’s not just about diving straight into it, not at all. Lauren has respect for herself.

Were you actually a couple?

I did ask her out [on eviction night] and she said yes. So I was going into interviews saying: ‘We’re going to Paris.’

Even Lauren said she could definitely see some sort of future with me. But then a day or two later it had gone from being completely 100 per cent sound to being just friends.

So when did it all fall apart?

I got a message from my agent that she wasn’t going to do our joint birthday and I thought: ‘Oh, that’s weird.’

Then at the wrap party we said hi and that was it. She was the opposite. I wasn’t going to hang around her like a fly – I 
wanted to have 
a good night myself.

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