Marnie Simpson and Ricky Rayment seemed like a match made in heaven - so when they split up just three weeks ago it came as a huge shock to everyone - the Geordie Shore star lifts the lid on what REALLY happened...

Marnie Simpson, 23, has opened up about her shocking split from fiance Ricky Rayment saying that he called her a slag five THOUSAND times!


The pretty 23 year-old has insisted that they are not over for good and are still talking to try and work through things, but it isn’t all plain-sailing.

Marnie revealed: ‘When we split up he called me every name under the sun and he called me a slag about 5,000 times. He told us he has always thought those things’. Ouch.

It didn’t help matters that when their relationship was on the rocks, Marnie was pictured on a night out with fellow geordie, Ex On The Beach‘s Marty McKenna – without her engagement ring on!

She said: ‘I’ve known him for six years and he was actually cracking on with my mate, Chloe, that night.

‘I’ve got loads of friends who are boys and he [Ricky] didn’t like that.’

Jealousy and trust is not the only issue for Ricky and Marnie, as Ricky lives in Essex while Marnie resides in Newcastle – which isn’t exactly around the corner!

Marnie continued to New!: ‘I don’t know if I’m cut out for long distance relationships. I just feel like ‘what’s the point?’

It looks like if the pair do manage to patch things up, Ricky might have to grovel a bit with her ‘mam’: ‘She could be won back over, but she has seen all his efforts dwindle’.

Good luck with that then, Ricky!

The Geordie Shore star got engaged just one month ago to TOWIE boy Ricky, 25; and although it seemed like it was all happiness and sunshine a mere three weeks ago, the reality TV couple have officially called it quits with their whirlwind romance.

We all thought there would be a huge, extravagant marriage to celebrate in the near future, so we’re pretty gutted we have to put our wedding hats back in the wardrobe.

Although it appears that Marnie wasn’t expecting the relationship to break down either. As she quit the show which saw her rocket to fame, Geordie Shore, and was willing to wave goodbye to the endless nights of partying, booze and killer heels for her soon-to-be hubby.

So it’s still a little unclear whether our favourite TV couple will reunite – but fingers crossed they can both eventually resolve their issues for the future.

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 Alice Murray