Extras star had fab time making A Night At The Museum

Comedy genius Ricky Gervais adores working on Hollywood films because of the A-list treatment he receives.

The British actor was personally invited by Ben Stiller – who guest-starred on Ricky’s hit BBC series Extras – to play an eccentric museum boss in new family film A Night At The Museum.

Ricky, 45, who won two prestigious Golden Globe Awards for The Office, was delighted to be offered the part and thrilled by the VIP treatment he got.

He tells BANG Showbiz : “My girlfriend and I were flown first class to Vancouver and put up in this amazing hotel with this huge room.

‘Then I arrived on set and was shown to this enormous trailer. Shawn, the director, said to me “How is your trailer?” and I said “It’s bigger than my hotel room”.

‘Then he actually said to me, “Would you like a bigger hotel room?!” It was brilliant.’