Ex-EastEnder says he's shocked his marriage appears to be over

Ricky Groves says he’s devastated about his split from wife Hannah Waterman and he blames her dramatic weight loss for destroying their relationship.

‘I’m heartbroken. She lost 3st for her new fitness DVD and it changed her,’ he says.

Ricky reveals it was on Christmas Day that Hannah first told him she didn’t love him any more. Then he finally summoned up the courage to try and find out why.

‘On New Year’s Eve she confessed she’d met someone else.

‘I asked “Is there someone else?” She looked me in the eye and said “Yes, I’m so sorry”.’

Ricky, 41 – who played Garry Hobbs in EastEnders – believes Hannah, 34, was glad that he’d asked her such a direct question.

‘She didn’t hesitate for a second in responding,’ he tells the News Of The World. ‘And to be fair she hasn’t lied to me.

‘Her eyes welled up. I knew that she was hurting too, having to tell me. We’d been so in love.

‘I never thought it could end. And certainly not like this.’

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