It looks like former TOWIE star Ricky Rayment isn't too happy with ex-girlfriend Marnie Simpson for sharing her 'heartbreak' with her Twitter followers following their split

He was happy to share all the juicy details of his relationship with Marnie Simpson when the couple were still head-over-heels in love.

But, now that they’ve split, it seems that Ricky Rayment wants to keep quiet about their short-lived love affair – and he expects his Geordie Shore star ex to do the same.

EXCLUSIVE: Ricky Rayment on shock split from Marnie Simpson: ‘She dumped me by text!’


Ricky very publicly blasted Marnie on Twitter after the love-lorn star took to the social networking site to discuss her post-breakup pain.

Confirming the split, Marnie posted: ‘Heartbroken. 

‘The official end to a very important chapter in my life. Thinking positive brings positive things Moving forward to the future.

‘Everything happens for a reason. If something isn’t meant to be, it won’t be.

She added: ‘The lessons we learn from pain will always make us the strongest.’

However, her sad words didn’t seem to go down too well with former TOWIE star Ricky, who appeared to respond by quickly posted some tweets of his own.

He wrote: ‘It amazes me how even the most private of things are a priority to be tweeted #thisisourgeneration.’


Still, that didn’t deter Marnie from whipping her smartphone out once again – this time posting a saucy topless shot of herself on Instagram, with only a couple of love hearts covering her nipples.

She captioned the shot: ‘A tiger doesn’t follow sheep.’

Talk about showing him what he’s missing! Although we’re not entirely sure what her cryptic caption is referring to…

Whatever she meant by it, it seems as though the sentiment was once again lost on Ricky, who appeared to respond once more.

Just minutes later, in what was possibly a thinly-veiled dig at Marine’s picture, he wrote on Twitter: ‘Keeping it classy.’