Singer knows she isn't perfect


Rihanna has been criticised for not being a good role model but she’s always admitted that she never intended to be one.

‘I could never tell a 10-year-old to look at me,’ says Rihanna, 25.

‘Because I know I’m not perfect. That’s not what I signed up for.’

Ri-Ri isn’t concerned about what others think and though her mentor Jay-Z thinks she might regret her more outrageous behaviour one day, he wants her to be her own woman.

‘She’s gonna look back on some of these moments and go, “Why did I say that?”‘ he tells The New Review.

‘And I think that’s great. That’s what life is. Go out there and make some bad choices, make some mistakes.

‘It’s much more exciting than if she was this controlled robot.’

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Anna Francis