The SOS singer was promoting The Rihanna Book


Rihanna has never been shy of showing off a bit of flesh.

She’s posed in barely anything and worn incredibly revealing outfits for shows and music videos countless times over the years.

And she’s now shared a completely naked picture with her many followers on Instagram – with just her new book, The Rihanna Book, to cover her modesty.

In the picture, Rihanna looks stunning as always, with her natural hair scraped off her face, accessorising her nudity with some pink-tinted sunglasses and lots of necklaces and bracelets.


Revealing her new book – which is out in stores today – has over 1000 images and 504 pages, Rihanna captioned the picture: ‘It’s crazy to look back at all of the memories and be able to share these precious moments with you!’

The Rihanna book includes snaps from the pop-star’s childhood and growing up in Barbdos, as well as moments from her global tours and fashion desgining.

The book also gives a glimpse into Rihanna’s private life, thanks to pictures with her family and friends.

Rihanna’s naked snap comes after she hit back at a troll on Instagram over her ‘shiny forehead’.

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The singer took to Instagram to advertise one of her new Fenty Beauty products.

Sharing a slow motion video with her over 76 million followers that shows her enjoying the sun in a bikini, the singer showed off the glittery sparkle effect from her new Diamond Bomb II All Over Diamond Veil from her Fenty line.

The musician can be seen dusting the body highlighter over her chest with a large powder brush and the glitter of the product is sparkling in the sun

However, one critic skipped out on commenting on the product, and was more distracted by the singer’s forehead, writing, ‘Ur forehead shines brighter than my future.’

But Ri Ri isn’t one to let people get her down, because she hit back at the critic, writing, ‘There’s still hope for you then.’

Nice one, Ri Ri!