Petrified that her ex is out to destroy her, Rihanna suffers anxiety attacks


Rihanna appears carefree but behind the brave public persona lies a vulnerable young woman whos terrified of giving evidence against Chris in his trial for domestic violence, which he denies.

Rapper Chris, 20, is alleged to have threatened and assaulted the singer in a bust-up on the morning of the Grammy Awards on 8 February.

If convicted, he faces a maximum of five years in prison. But its what will be revealed in court which worries Rihanna as she fears that Chris is determined to ruin her life.

A source tells Now: Rihannas being punished a second time and shes horrified that her secrets will be revealed. Although Rihannas been hurt by him, theyre still in contact. But her close friends dont trust him.

We blame his camp for releasing naked pictures of Rihanna on the internet. But she wants to keep Chris on side, so he doesnt reveal all about their love life in court.

‘Shes terrified because he knows all her secrets and could destroy her. The stress is so bad that shes suffering mini panic attacks every time she thinks about taking the stand.

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