They say hell hath no fury... So watch out, Chris Brown


Rihanna blames former lover Chris Brown for leaking saucy pictures of her on the internet. And it seems that revenge is a dish best served cold

‘She has less than flattering nude pictures of him that she plans on leaking, says a well-placed source. ‘Rihanna says hed be really embarrassed by them.

And that isnt the only way that Rihanna, 21, plans to retaliate against her ex, whos been accused of leaving her bruised after a beating in February.

Another thing shes been talking about is spreading rumours about Chris, says the friend. She wants to ruin his sexy image by letting it be known that he was a bit of a novice in the bedroom when they met and that she taught him everything he knows.

Rihannas anger has been welcomed by those close to her because until now shed refused to believe anything bad about Chris.

But now she plans to appear as a possible witness testifying against Chris when the assault case has a preliminary court hearing on 22 June.

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