Fiery Caribbean chicken and Tuc crackers - the Ri-Ri diet!


When she took to the stage on The X Factor final in that skimpy outfit, all eyes were on Rihanna’s toned body.

In the past the size 8, 5ft 8in singer says she’s stuck to the mantra: ‘Carbs are the enemy,’ but a show insider tells Now that this time Ri-Ri specifically requested carbs on her rider.

‘She’s incredibly fit and doesn’t eat junk food but Tuc crackers are a big favourite,’ says our source.

‘She asked for those and chicken noodle soup to snack on during rehearsals. She also sipped on Throat Coat tea, which lots of celebs use.’

Despite her fondness of crackers, Barbados-born Rihanna’s absolute favourite food is spicy chicken – the hotter the better. ‘She loves Caribbean cooking,’ says our insider.

‘Her people made sure her dressing room was well stocked with jerk chicken and specified it had to be “really hot”.  

‘She ate before her performance but later staff were dispatched to Nando’s for a second food run because she wanted her private jet stocked with spicy chicken for dinner.’

Nutritionists say spices such as chilli can aid weight loss by raising our metabolism by up to 50 per cent for up to three hours after eating, so it’s no wonder Ri-Ri looked smoking hot during her performances.

In the past, she’s admitted to a punishing daily exercise routine, including using a treadmill, to prepare for big shows, insisting: ‘Cardio is the key.’

But it looks like hot spices and Matt Cardle were all she needed to raise her heart rate this time.

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