From tight curls and cowboy boots to crop tops and sequinned bomber jackets – take a look at Taylor Swift’s wardrobe history


Taylor Swift – guys want to be with her, girls want to be her – or at least in her squad of amazing gal pals.

The 25-year-old is a force to be reckoned with. Feminist role model, social media goddess, all-round nice gal, responsible for some of the catchiest pop songs like, ever, and a kick-ass wardrobe to die for.

But Tay-tay wasn’t always the inspiration to our outfit dilemmas, as she started off her pop career with ringlets and rhinestones as she rocked to her country roots.

At just 12 years old, country singer Taylor Alison Swift visited every music producer on Music Row in Nashville with her home-made demo CDs hoping to get noticed. The teenager’s perseverance saw her sign a deal as Sony Music’s youngest-ever staff songwriter, aged just 14, and by 2006, 16-year old Taylor’s released her self-titled first album. Five singles went platinum and it sold in excess of 5.6 million copies.
Wowzers! Makes us re-think all the time we sat at home watching MTV as a teen…

Taylor’s known for her how much she cares about them, even going as far as stalking them on Tumblr (it’s a lot sweeter than it sounds) and sending them Christmas presents. And this close relationship with her fans seems to have started from the very beginning as she used to spend hours meeting and greeting fans after her gigs.

With the follow up album, Fearless, Taylor promoted her new album tirelessly. The hard work paid off and the single Love Story became one of the best selling US singles of all time. And like life imitating art, Love Story saw Taylor ditch the cowboy boots, and change into dresses that a Disney princess would be jealous us.

And then THAT Kanye West incident at the MTV Video Music Awards happened. Before you knew it, Kanye West was public enemy No 1 and Taylor’s a bona fide mainstream celebrity. Don’t worry, they’ve kissed and made up since then.

Taylor continued to be the perfect picture of a pop princess as she twirled around in prom dresses and sparkles, and attracting some potential Prince Charmings along the way.

T-Swizzle has dated everyone from John Mayer – who she wrote the song Dear John about in her next album, Speak Now, don’t cha know? – to actor Jake Gyllenhaal and our very own Harry Styles.

Some critics saw a bit of a trend about the lyrics of her songs being about break-ups and relationships. No-one gives Sam Smith any stick…a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!
Tay’s hemlines got shorter and the curls got looser, and she even went through a bit of a preppy phase with tartan prints and pleated skirts aplenty.

When her next album Red came out, it was red by name and red by nature for the songstress as she was rarely ever seen without a pair of red lips and got some bangs cut in. Game-changer!
She became the sassy sister we never had as she sashayed through life in retro  stripes and tea dresses, tied up with a swishing ponytail.

Trouble saw Taylor shake off (geddit?) her country background and venture into pure pop, and we’re oh-so-glad she did. How else would we be able to tell people to just Shake It Off?!

Since the release of her latest album, 1989 (which was the best selling album of 2014 by the way), Taylor’s returned to perform on the catwalk of the infamous Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show after her performance in 2013, she’s broken Vevo records for Bad Blood receiving the most views in it’s first 24 hours, tackled media giants Apple and changed the music industry with an open letter, and penned one of the best greetings of all time – ‘Nice to meet you, where you been? I can show you incredible things!’

And she’s done that all while rocking her now signiture cropped tops and midriff baring outfits, being BFFs with Ed Sheeran and being one half of the cutest couple in music with Calvin Harris.

Phew! All in a day’s work eh?

Taylor Swift calls her boyfriend WHAT?!

Amy Lo