A couple that trains together…

Rio Ferdinand stole a cheeky glance at his fiancée, Kate Wright’s bum during a gruelling couples’ workout – and by the look on his face he was enjoying his view.

The former footballer, who proposed to Kate with a £400,000 engagement ring during a trip to Abu Dhabi in October, shared the cheeky snap on his Instagram story earlier today during the couples’ daily home workout.

In the image, Rio is seen leaning forward to get a closer glance at Kate’s behind as she stretches while on all fours.


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The couple’s personal trainer Mel Deane, who initially shared the snap on social media, captioned the image: ‘Super set… Peach gazing.’

Both Rio and Kate also shared snaps of themselves lifting weights as their trainer could be heard putting them through their paces.

Earlier this month Kate revealed her strict health plan ahead of the couple’s big day.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, 37-year-old Kate gave a glimpse of what she eats for breakfast in order to get that incredible figure of hers – and unfortunately there’s no sugary cereal on the menu.

Instead, she simply has a smoothie consisting of spinach, kale, celery and frozen berries mixed with water and ice. Sounds pretty simple!

Revealing her lunch-time meal, Kate then confessed she can’t stand vegetables but has a secret to including them into her meals.

Alongside a picture of salmon with rice and (more) kale, she wrote: ‘salmon, whole grain rice and kale.

‘I really don’t like greens so I chop them up and mix them in my rice so it doesn’t feel so difficult eating them.’

Blonde beauty Kate decided to ditch the potatoes for dinner, as she chowed down on chicken, grated carrots, red cabbage, white cabbage and onion.

But it looks like Kate is just like the rest of us, as she later went on to share a snap of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange as she treated herself to a mid-afternoon snack.

After followers praised the telly star for showing her balanced diet, Kate added the message: ‘Girls we are human, sometimes we need chocolate (or wine)…

‘Having a stressful day or having cravings is part of being a woman. If u do give in to temptation every now and then DO NOT beat yourself up, use it as motivation to work harder tomorrow.’ Well said!