You should probably make your boyfriend read this...

Just a quick stalk of both of their Instagrams shows that there aren’t many other couples who are as loved up as Rixton‘s Jake Roche and Jesy Nelson from Little Mix.

The couple who have been official since September last year give us proper relationship envy with their cuteness and all-round total infatuation. Awww.

So when we caught up with Jake, who’s currently touring with Ariana Grande in America, we thought we’d be nosey and find out how the heck things are with him and the stunning Little Mix singer. After all the long distance can’t be easy…

How are you and Jesy coping being so far apart?
We’re doing really good actually. Obviously I’m in America and she’s at home in full work mode doing the finishing touches on the Little Mix album, but we’ve got Facetime. We’re lucky because we’re in a similar line of work we understand if we can’t speak to each other for a few hours or even a day, we’re both busy, we both know how it goes, she’s incredibly supportive, as am I to her.

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for her?
No one knows this, but I wrote her a song for Christmas and made a video to go with it – simply because I have no money! The video was like Love Actually when that guy holds up all the cards, but I had it the lyrics written on cards and filmed it all over America with me standing in front of the iconic places like Times Square and the White House. She cried her eyes out when she saw it, bless her!

That’s so sweet! What was the song called?
Under The Stars, because when she stays at my house I have this star projector which you turn on and lie under the stars. So I just wrote a song about us when we lie under the stars. It’s a lovely little song.

Jake, we think we might be about to cry…
I feel like a female what’s going on?! I’m meant the one who’s the lead singer of a rock band!

What’s your favourite thing about her?
Everything. Mainly her personality, we’re just made for each other. We’ve got exactly the same sense of humour, and she’s best mates with my mum [Loose Women’s Coleen Nolan] and that helps a lot. I’ve always wanted a girlfriend who’s really close to my mum as I have such a great relationship with her. In fact I think Jesy and mum speak more than what Jesy and I speak! When mum’s filming Loose Women she’ll go to dinner with her, so that’s a really big thing for me. I love that about Jesy, how friendly she is.

You’ve been nominated for Best Breakthrough act in the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards – alongside Ella Henderson who had a terrible losing face when she lost out at the BRITs. Will you deal with it better if you miss out?
No I’ll probably do a Kanye. Just snatch the award and talk about God and music. Nah, it’s the fact that we’re nominated and we’re fairly new in the public eye, is all we care about, it’s the taking part that counts, that’s what my mum says. But deep down it’s all about the winning…

What’s the best thing you’ve ever won?
I’ve never won much, but one sports day I won this race where you jump in a hoop and pull it over your head. My mum cried – we’ve got it on video!

Are you a sore loser?
When I was a kid we’d play board games and the table would get flipped if I lost. Remember Frustration when you have to pop the dice in the middle? Why create a game about being frustrated? If I lost at that I’d go crazy, but I’ve got better now. It helps to turn your head and walk away.

Or just do a Kanye.
Yeah, just do a Kanye.

You can watch Rixton win or lose in the Kids’ Choice Awards at 5pm 29th March, only on Nickelodeon.