Blac Chyna's baby daddy's getting back into shape - and he's proud of it!

The Kardashians are nearly as famous for their body transformations as they are for…well, being famous.

And while we’ve usually associated their ripped physiques with the ladies of the family pack, Rob Kardashian’s now stepping out of his sisters’ shadows for once and for all by showing off his very impressive weight loss.

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The joyful, soon-to-be dad took to his Instagram on Wednesday night to share a then and now picture with his fans – and 50lbs down, Rob’s done so well!

Reposting the image, put together by ‘BlacChynarmy’, Rob commented: ‘LOL!! still got a lot of work to do and weight to lose but glad I’m getting better :):):)’

Over ten thousand of his supporters have left encouraging messages for the reality star and sock enthusiast, with one very affectionate fan commenting: ‘You’re almost there baby, keep up the good work, you look hot’.

Look out, Blac Chyna – someone’s after your spot…!

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Rob, 29, has been on a mission to reverse his weight gain for much of 2016, documenting his intense gym sessions on his Snapchat.

Though he’d been something of a recluse for nearly 3 years, his life has completely turned around in a mere matter of months, now engaged to marry model Chyna with a little one on the way.

Glad to see him looking healthy and happy. Slay, Rob K!

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