He's had the hots for Mrs Ritchie since she dressed as a cowgirl

Robbie Williams has revealed how he has a thing for Madonna.

He’s always loved her music, insisting ‘Hung Up is the gayest song ever’, but he didn’t get the hots for the Material Girl until he saw her in jeans and a Stetson.

‘I wasn’t attracted to her in the 80s or 90s,’ he says, ‘but ever since she was the cowgirl [in her 2000 hit Don’t Tell Me], well…I do fancy her.’

Madonna’s taut bottom seems to particularly fascinate the singer. ‘What’s happened to her arse?’ he asked. ‘Is it a new arse?’

But Robbie, still single at 32, says he wouldn’t try his luck with the Queen of Pop – who at 48 is old enough to be his mum – because he’d be scared of her husband, 37-year-old Guy Ritchie.

‘Guy’s hard,’ he quipped on Johnny Vaughn’s Capital FM breakfast show, ‘he spends all week wrestling with men.’