The singer has secretly been experiencing this for quite some time

Robbie Williams has revealed that he’s secretly been suffering from a rare health condition.

The singer explained to fans in a video blog posted this week that he’s been experiencing Nocturnal Sleep-Related Eating Disorder, also known as NS-RED, which causes him to eat in the middle of the night whilst totally unaware he’s doing so.


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This means that Robbie, 43, now has to have a pretty strict daytime diet to counteract the sugary treats he is tucking into when he’s asleep.

‘I’m doing this very weird thing, and it’s been for over a year now, where I night-eat,’ the star tells the camera in the clip.

‘I am absolutely asleep and I get up, and I go and eat. I didn’t know I was doing it for a long time. I don’t do it on purpose – I’m not aware that I’m doing it – but it happens.

‘And apparently in my sleep I don’t want kale; I want sugar and loads of it.

‘It’s been super weird, as you can imagine.’

Robbie then reveals that he’s having a plate of chicken and salad for his pre-concert meal and adds: ‘That leaves me not a lot of room for [eating] bad stuff during the day because bad stuff happens at night, when I am asleep. It’s just weird, but it’s what’s happening.

‘So there’s zero sad, shameful secret treats because I have my treat in the middle of the night when I don’t even know about it. It’s the truth.’

NS-RED apparently affects around 2% of the population and has been described as a state of sleepwalking. Sufferers often walk into the kitchen, prepare food and eat it and have no recollection of doing so other than tell-tale signs such as crumbs, wrappers or used cutlery.

The condition can result in health issues such as weight gain and an increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Robbie’s revelation comes after he spoke about an episode of eating in his sleep on Twitter back in April.

‘So this actually happened: Sleep walking to the fridge. Then sleep eating. Found out the next day,’ the star – who lives with wife Ayda Field and their two children – explained.

The former Take That star has also previously discussed his battle with his weight, with Ayda revealing on Loose Women recently that he’s always ‘been on a diet’ since being called ‘fat’ in the early days of his career.