Romance with Ayda Field may not stand test of endless touring

When Robbie Williams and Ayda Field reunited in the summer it was rumoured that he might finally settle down for good.

But the 34-year-old is worried his big music comeback could spell the end of their relationship.

Rob’s determined to put out a fantastic new album and he’s stopping at nothing to make it a success,’ a friend tells Now. ‘But he’s seriously concerned that his relationship with Ayda will suffer as a result.

‘His desperation to reignite his recording career is likely to leave her feeling sidelined. Once Rob gets his head down to the business of making music, everyone around him knows that he won’t be distracted.

‘Unless Ayda’s prepared to give up everything and follow Rob around there’s the real possibility that their relationship will be doomed.’

But our insider thinks Robbie will regret it if he lets Ayda slip through his fingers.

‘His career may eventually come between them, but after all the hype has settled, he’ll yearn for that companionship with Ayda more than ever. And it may be too late by then.’

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