The Robster opens up about his first date with his new wife

Robbie Williams has revealed that the first time he invited Ayda Field to his house, he thought she was pregnant and crazy.

The couple had been introduced by mutual friends and had swapped text messages over a couple of weeks before Robbie invited her over in January 2007.

‘So she walks into my house and I think: “She’s pregnant,”‘ Robbie reveals.

‘And she’s had a few wines so she had this real attitude.

‘I’d got it into my mind there are no good women in LA…I thought she was another crazy.’

Ayda‘s ‘pregnancy’ was simply down to a very unflattering dress.

The embarassed pair sat ‘awkwardly’ until Robbie suggested they go back to the swanky Hollywood party she’d just left.

‘With all these strange billionaires slotted around, I felt a bit scared,’ he tells Hello!.

‘We sat next to each other on the sofa and at that moment we fell in love.’

Robbie, 36, and Ayda, 31, were married on 7 August in a lavish ceremony at his Beverly Hills home.

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