Singer was shocked by fatherhood

Robbie Williams has admitted that bonding with his daughter was a slow process.

The singer became a dad for the first time when actress wife Ayda Field, 34, gave birth to baby Theodora Rose – known as Teddy – in September 2012 but he found it a lot to take in.

‘It was a creeper,’ says Robbie, 39.

‘I felt the love of the universe straight away – that was overwhelming and shocking and difficult to pinpoint what it actually was – as well as confusion and wonder, and terror and ecstasy.

‘But it took me seven months to properly connect.

‘I was already in love – nothing could take that away – but it wasn’t until she recognised me from the day before that I was a proper father.

‘That’s where the bond became even deeper.’

Robbie hopes that Teddy will inherit his and Ayda’s best qualities.

‘I just know that her mum’s really cool and smart and kind,’ the doting dad tells Telegraph Magazine.

‘And I’d like to think that under the surface I’m kind and a good soul and that those things combined will mean that she’ll be OK and she’ll make good choices because she’ll feel loved.’

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