Singer's parents love baby Teddy

Robbie Williams is thrilled about the effect his daughter has had on his family.

The singer became a dad for the first time when actress wife Ayda Field, 34, gave birth to baby Theodora Rose – known as Teddy – in September 2012 and her arrival has brought Robbie’s relatives together.

‘My dad just loves Teddy and my mum, or should I say Nanny Jan, is wonderful with her,’ says Robbie, 39.

‘She’s an amazing nanny. Teddy has been really good for uniting my family in so many ways.

‘I’m sure that will change when she gets older.’

Robbie is fully expecting his little girl to cringe when she sees him performing one day.

Teddy’s got plenty to be embarrassed about with me as her dad,’ the Take That star tells TV Magazine.

‘I know I’m going to go from being her absolute hero to embarrassing dad in no time.

‘She will be with her mates watching TV and she’ll say: “Oh no, there’s Dad on the telly again. It’s a rerun of his show at The Palladium. Turn it off.”‘

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