But singer is not a suspect in robbery case

Robbie Williams is to be questioned by officers investigating an armed robbery in the Bahamas.

Photographers Matt Sanchez and Carlos Mendez were held at gunpoint in their cottage in Staniel Cay by three men on Sunday.

Hours earlier, the pair had taken snaps of Robbie, 35, at a nearby beach.

Now police want to interview holidaymakers – including the singer – who were at the resort to find out if they saw anything suspicious.

Robbie is not being treated as a suspect. 

‘We are in the process of speaking to Robbie Williams,’ says Bahamas police chief Ellsworth Moss.

‘We are going to speak to everybody who would have been party to whatever may or may not have happened on the beach.

‘From the information we get from him we will know exactly where to move with the investigation.’

Three local men have been arrested.

‘We have three persons in custody,’ Assistant Commissioner Raymond Gibson tells The Sun.

‘We will have to speak to as many people as we can to get to the bottom of what happened.’

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