Lobby groups outraged by 'offensive song lyrics'

Robbie Williams has caused a furore among disabled groups with a reference to the Special Olympics on his new album.

The lyrics to the title track, Rudebox – written by Robbie himself – urge fans to ‘dance like you just won at the Special Olympics’.

The word Special was taken out of the radio edit of the song because record bosses feared it could upset listeners and limit airplay. But the unedited version of the track is featured on the album which hits the shops today.

The British Council of Disabled People has attacked Robbie, 32, for mocking the movement.

Chairwoman Anne Pridmore, 56, told the Daily Star: ‘I am a big Robbie Williams fan and I went to see him recently. But I will not be buying his album.

‘I find the lyric about the Special Olympics highly offensive and it is rank disablism.’

A spokeswoman for the singer said last night: ‘Robbie adores sport of any kind and is full of admiration for disabled athletes.’