Music producer dismisses reports he cheated on wife Shania Twain

Robert ‘Mutt’ Lange says he did not cheat on wife Shania Twain with another woman.

Last week the couple announced they were splitting after 14 years together.

And insiders have speculated the sudden break-up is the result of a third party.

Mutt has been linked to Marie Ann Thiébaud, manager of the couple’s château in Switzerland.

But the music producer strongly denies the rumours.

‘It’s absolutely not the reason [for the separation],’ he tells People. ‘It’s not true.

‘It’s literally just a growing apart, that’s all.’

Shania, 42, and Robert, 59, married in 1993. They have a 6-year-old son Eja D’Angelo.

Marie Ann Thiébaud was unavailable for comment.

Alison Adey