Twilight heartthrob Robert sees some very odd reports about his life

Robert Pattinson sees some extraordinary stories about himself in the media.

One publication even claimed he was expecting a baby.

‘I remember once someone said I was pregnant. I was on the front page of a magazine!’ he recalls.

The Twilight star, who is dating co-star Kristen Stewart, 20, finds fame difficult to live with.

‘It’s kind of like a monster thing. The more people think they know you, the more you’re identified with a certain thing,’ says Rob.

‘You do get kind of paranoid.

‘I just don’t want to have any stories written about me. 

‘Anyone who likes going out and having their photo taken all the time, to me, seems an incredibly boring person or very delusional.’

Robert is currently filming part one of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

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Robyn Deegan