Thanks for clearing that up for us, Robert Pattinson.

Don’t worry, everybody – Robert Pattinson isn’t transforming into an insufferable hipster with talk of beards and avocados. But he has revealed that the trendy fruit isn’t the best thing to eat if you’re sporting some facial fuzz.

In fact, he’s not even a big fan of his own beard – he told The Observer magazine that it’s ‘driving him insane’, and asked the interview to ‘let me know if I’ve got something hanging off the side.’ Charming!

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R-Patz has grown the grufter for an upcoming movie role, and isn’t happy about the fact that avocados are now off the menu.

‘Avocados are especially bad,’ he said, referring to foods that get stuck in his beard (yuck). ‘Yeah, avocados are not beard-friendly.’

His beard may be depriving him of vitamins, but it has its uses, too – as a disguise. Robert recently watched his girlfriend FKA twigs perform at Bestival, and was able to stand in the crowd without being bothered, because half of his face was obscured by the beard.

If you’re a fan of the clean-shaven Pattinson, don’t worry. It sounds like the lack of avocados is getting to Robert, and that he’ll be shaving off the facial furniture as soon as he’s finished filming his current part.