Twilight star's tackle swung free

Robert Pattinson was surprised as how at ease he felt being nude on the set of his latest movie.

The Twilight star stripped off for sex scenes with Emilie de Ravin in Remember Me.

You’re so obsessed whenever you have to do any nudity stuff,’ says Robert.

You’re like, “Yeah, I definitely need this thing on.” And then you get there and as soon as you’re standing naked in front of everyone you don’t care anyway. It’s actually quite liberating.’

Robert, 23, admits he had trouble with his modesty patch during filming.

Mine was made out of half a bra and some wig tape, which took me 35 minutes to actually figure out how to stick on,’ he tells the Associated Press.

Then it just fell off immediately.’

Last month, Robert confirmed he is dating Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, 19. 

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