Rob contacts director Rupert Sanders to find out what really happened

Robert Pattinson may have agreed to take back his cheating ex but it seems their shock hook-up still has obstacles to overcome.

Now can reveal that Robert, 26, made an emotional phone call to Kristen Stewart’s ex-fling Rupert Sanders, 41, in a bid to find out if Kristen, 22, was telling the truth about not sleeping with him – a claim she used to win Rob back.

Our source says: ‘Rob hates confrontation so it was beyond hard for him to make the call, but at the end of the day he did it.

Rupert told him that the fling was the biggest mistake of his life, that it was never serious and he and Kristen didn’t sleep together.

‘He also said told him it’s not something he ever wants to repeat and Rob believes him.’

Read the full story about Robert Pattinson in Now magazine dated 19 November 2012 – out now! 


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