Robin doesn't know how to better the unrated vid

Robin Thicke can only think of one way to make his next music video better than Blurred Lines – recruit the President to star in it.

The unrated vid for the hit song, which has been a worldwide hit, features three sexy models dancing around topless and Robin’s not sure how he can better that.

‘We’re gonna have to see if President Obama will be in it,’ the singer tells MTV.

‘I don’t know how you can top Blurred Lines. Either that, or maybe we just won’t make a video at all. Just disappear on top.

‘It’s like winning the championship in your last season. Why play again?’

Robin, 36, recently joked to Metro that he only wants naked women to appear alongside him from now on.

‘Yes, I will never stand next to a clothed woman again,’ he quips.

‘We’ll keep the three girls theme going [in the next video] but they’ll wear clothes next time.’

With Blurred Lines director Diane Martel already lined up to make the vid for upcoming single Give It 2 U, we can’t wait to see who might pop up…

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