The duo caused a stir with Blurred Lines performance

Robin Thicke has defended his controversial duet with Miley Cyrus at the MTV VMAs.

Miley, 20, infamously stripped to nude latex underwear and gyrated against Robin during the rendition of his saucy No1 hit Blurred Lines but Robin insists that he didn’t think of the young star’s antics as sexual.

‘Well, I was onstage, [so] I didn’t see it,’ says Robin, 36.

‘So to me, I’m walking out toward Miley, I’m not thinking sex, I’m thinking fun.

‘I’m singing my butt off. I’m singing and I’m looking at the sky and I’m singing and I’m not really paying attention to all that. That’s on her.

‘[The backlash] is funny to me, it’s silly.’

Miley did some serious twerking during the performance but Robin, who is married to actress Paula Patton, has tried to distance himself from the raunchy dance move.

‘People ask me if I twerk, and I’m like, “Listen, I’m the twerkee,”‘ the dad-of-one tells Oprah Winfrey on Oprah’s Next Chapter.

‘I don’t twerk. I’m just twerked upon.’

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