Thank you Rochelle! FINALLY a celebrity who is prepared to be honest about what it's REALLY like to have a baby

In the world of celebrity, having a baby is pretty much like a Disney film. After popping out their children, most famous ladies give off the impression that the following days are a happy haze of smug selfies and a post-pregnancy glow – in full make-up with a flat stomach to match, of course!

So we’re giving a massive high five to The Saturdays star Rochelle Humes who has been brave enough to share all the real ups and downs that come in the days after you deliver a baby in a candid interview recently.

Rochelle got real about how she had to get her famous hubby Marvin to help her shower and how she coped with that infamous Day Three Crash.

‘I had to have a C-section because Alaia was breech and the cord was around her neck,’ she reveals. ‘The first time I had a shower afterwards Marvin had to help me wash and I was crying. No one prepares you for that.

‘Then Myleene Klass sent me a lovely text: “Rochelle, it’s Day Three, don’t freak out. You WILL get teary.”

‘I was so grateful because I felt like a freak! For the first few months, you’re so tired you just want to go to bed. I was so emotional. One day, Marvin asked me what I wanted for breakfast and even that set me off. I just wailed “cereal” across the house. We still joke about it now!’

She went on to admit how having a baby really does affect your sex life – despite what people might claim!

‘I’m not too proud to admit that having a child affects the intimacy in a relationship at first,’ she says in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine. ‘I hate it when you hear people say they were at it again days later. I don’t believe it!’

It’s not the first time Rochelle has been open about not feeling sexy after having a baby.

Earlier this year she said: ‘Sometimes it’s hard when you’ve got baby sick on you… Believe me, in the six months afterwards you don’t think about feeling sexy. You think about sleeping! But now I enjoy getting ready again.’

Well done Rochelle for being brave enough to be honest. We just wish more celebs were cool enough to be as candid about their experiences.

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