The Saturdays singer fancies a holiday

Rochelle Humes is planning a Christmas getaway this year. Jel!

The singer has been very busy lately – not only has she been on a Greatest Hits tour with The Saturdays but she’s also done TV presenting work and released her own clothing range for

She balances her hectic schedule with motherhood too. Rochelle and hubby Marvin Humes are parents to 1-year-old daughter Alaia-Mai so they’ve always got lots going on.

‘Being a mum and hopefully getting away for Christmas [are what’s next for me],’ says Rochelle, 25.

‘And for The Saturdays, getting back in the studio and working on a new album.’

Rochelle Humes does lots of travelling and it sounds like baby Alaia-Mai is taking after her mum. Too. Cute.

‘She’s clocked up some Air Miles already,’ reveals Rochelle.

‘She’s got some great passport stamps!’

Despite their jam-packed lives, Rochelle and Marvin Humes are remarkably laid-back and they try to pass this calm attitude on to their little girl.

‘We’re both quite chilled with her,’ says Rochelle.

‘My mum said to me a while ago: "If you’re both chilled out, she’ll be chilled too. Don’t ever be anxious around a child."’

Let’s hope that Rochelle Humes gets a nice relaxed break with her family over the festive season. She admits that they’ve had a few vacation disasters in the past.

‘Marvin and I once went to Dubai and there was a sandstorm,’ the Saturdays starlet explains.

‘We spent the whole of the trip in our room, while everyone back home was having barbecues.

‘Then as soon as we got back, the weather was bad at home!’

Rochelle has already been getting excited about Christmas on Twitter.

Marvin Humes‘ wife recently Tweeted: ‘Is it sad that I actually like the dark evenings because I feel like Christmas is coming?! 🎅🎄⛄️☔️ #mulledwine 🍷’

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