This is one little girl who knows what she wants...

All babies are a wonderful gift – at least, that’s what everyone says publicly.

Sometimes, there are some who have a genuine desire for a baby of a specific sex to join the family – mothers of six girls who long for a son, for example.

And one of these people is three-and-a-half year old Alaia-Mai – the daughter of fantastically attractive couple Marvin and Rochelle Humes – who is apparently so keen to get a little sister that she’s willing to push the new baby back inside mum if it’s a boy!

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Pregnant Rochelle, who announced that she was expecting in November 2016, is currently in the final stages of preparing for her new arrival. However, the new baby will also mean big things for Alaia-Mai’s life as well – and she’s made it very clear exactly what she wants when her mum gives birth…

‘Alaia’s been going through an “Urgh boys, I only like girls’ stage lately and said that if it’s a brother she wants to push him back in,’ Rochelle, 27, revealed.


Yeowch! And to make sure that she doesn’t have little Alaia attempting something that sounds pretty darn painful, Rochelle has tried her best to prepare her for a brother – but it may have worked a little too well. She continued to Hello magazine:

‘So now I’ve gone so far in preparing her for the fact that it might be a boy, I worry she might be disappointed if it’s not.’

Ahh, Rochelle – damned if you do, damned if you don’t… yet, the expectant mum reveals that though her first-born is being a great helper already:

‘We’re expecting in the spring time and can’t wait. We’re so excited for Lai to have a little playmate. Already she’s showing that she’s going to be such a little helper.

‘She tells me, “Mummy we need to buy nappies and dummies”.’

Adorable – hopefully this means that Alaia will be over the moon, no matter who pops out in a couple of months time!