Saturdays star Rochelle knows her man's not interested

Rochelle Wiseman has not doubt that boyfriend Marvin Humes is ‘the one’. The Saturdays star would love to start a family with the JLS hunk.

‘I wouldn’t be at this stage in the relationship if it was just a bit of fun,’ Rochelle tells Now.

‘I see all of that [marriage and children] happening with him one day – especially babies.’

Fortunately, JLS fans have accepted Rochelle, 21, and know that her feelings for Marv, 25, are genuine. But some still hope they’re in with a chance.

They’ve been really nice. I think they like me because I’m in a girl band, so they know I’m not after his money,’ Rochelle explains.

‘But I’ve had a girl dancing around him and trying to sit on his lap while I was sat right next to him. We both just kept quiet because we knew she’d get bored and go away.

‘She was dancing to Don’t Cha by the Pussycat Dolls and it was like: “No, love, I do not wish I looked like you!”‘

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