Martin Kemp's radio DJ son, Roman Kemp, is rumoured to be heading Down Under to join the I'm A Celeb line-up in a matter of days, but the star's appearance could be in jeopardy following his latest admission.

The 26-year-old took to Instagram to apologise for posting historic but “shameful” and “offensive” tweets – after a friend’s recent experience of trolling caused him to search back through his own Twitter.

Roman said, “I wanted to talk about something I’ve seen a lot of celebrities talk about. I’ve seen people around the world talking about this and that is the use of language online.

“I’ve recently had a friend go through something terrible with a troll online and I think that it encouraged me to take responsibility for myself to look back to see if I’ve ever posted something that could cause harm or offence to someone”.


Martin Kemp’s son continued, “Being totally honest I’m shocked and appalled and ashamed to say that I did find things that I’m not at all proud of. I don’t associate myself with that, I know that the person that wrote those things is not the man that I am now. But, they were there.”

Encouraging his 206,000 followers to be more mindful about what they’re posting on the internet, Roman said he was “truly, deeply and utterly sorry” and confirmed he has since deleted the unearthed tweets.

“I made the conscious decision to get rid of those things and I have deleted those things because I don’t want that negativity in the world,” he admitted.


“I don’t want the legacy that I have on the internet to be a place where there’s negativity or something that can cause offence. I don’t want that.

“And, I just hope that from speaking to you today I encourage you to do the same, to look back, to see if there are things that could still now cause offence.”

Roman’s admission comes just days after the “full I’m A Celeb” line-up was “leaked” and his name appeared on the list.

Back in 2017, Jack Maynard left the jungle after it was revealed he’d posted homophobic and racist slurs online before joining the show.