Roman Kemp's girlfriend, Anne-Sophie Flury, has no doubt had to put up with him getting a lot of female attention during their two-year relationship.


And, it never really phased her – until a high-profile Love Island star set her sights on Anne’s man.

During appearance on Capital FM – the station Roman hosts the Breakfast Show for – Anne was tasked with reading a long list of adoring messages addressed to Roman – including one from Love Island champion Amber Gill.

The tweet read, “Me when I see that Roman Kemp has a girlfriend.”


Although Swiss-born Anne is rarely phased with her boyfriend’s fame, this particular tweet ruffled her feathers. “This is one I’m a little bit worried about, because I thought she was so great on Love Island,” she admitted.

Amber split from Greg O’Shea back in September, just weeks after the pair won Love Island and scooped the £50K prize fund. And, despite the fact he’s now rumoured to have a new girlfriend, Amber is convinced their split was a “blessing in disguise”.

While Amber might be newly single, we don’t think Anne-Sophie has anything to worry about if the amount Roman has spoken about his beau in the jungle is anything to go by.

In fact, Martin Kemp’s son scored ultimate boyfriend points by leaving Sophie a video message to watch for every day he’s in the jungle.

Opening up about the sweet gift, she said, “He’s left me a two minute video for every day that he can’t speak to me. I’ll get to watch one of them every morning.

“He filmed them before he left and put them on a USB stick so I’ll have to try and keep it to just one a day.”

And it’s not like the pair have never been separated before as Roman revealed Anne lived in Hong Kong for eight months during the early stages of their relationship. And they’ve always remained totally supportive of one another.

“She’ll probably love a break away from me. But she’s so supportive. She lived in Hong Kong for eight months during our relationship so we’re used to long distance,” Roman told OK! online before entering the jungle.

Erm, where can we find a Roman?